Is your business growth STILL stalled?

And you’re trapped in the center of your company’s operations…constantly putting out fires, overwhelmed at the sheer amount of work you have to do, and STILL stalling out on actual, sustainable growth?

Leader’s Edge Performance Engine is a proven, expert process for rocketing past your plateau, scaling your organization, and building the time and financial freedom you’re craving. 

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There’s a reason you’re here—and it’s because you still haven’t figured out how to leverage your team, processes, and strategies to scale your business.

You still haven’t cracked the code for company growth—while being able to maintain work-life balance.

Do any of these sound like you? 

Burnout and overwhelm

Too much of your time is spent putting out fires IN the business, rather than working ON big-picture growth. Instead of acting as a strategic leader, you feel more like an employee. Because of how much is on your plate, you’ve become the bottleneck at your organization—and it’s stressing you out. But you’re not sure of how to reduce your workload, without balls getting dropped.

Confusion and a lack of clarity

You may have a vision for where you want your organization to go, but fractured or ineffective communication about that vision has led to a disconnected, incohesive team. And the problems aren’t just internal: externally, your marketing messaging is vague and unclear. You know that right-fit customers are out there—but you’re struggling to draw them in.

High turnover

There’s a revolving door of talent at your organization, and you haven’t cracked the code for attracting (and retaining) the best employees. Your onboarding and training programs are ineffective. The team you have isn’t engaged, and there’s no accountability or ownership over their work. It doesn’t feel like there’s an overall commitment to the greater mission. And even worse, all that turnover is hurting your bottom line.

Stalled-out growth

You feel like you should be generating more profits—but can’t figure out why the money isn’t rolling in. You’re confused over whether your pricing models, processes, or something else is keeping you from higher net profits. You might even know by now that your organization lacks scalable systems. There’s no leadership development initiative, and creative innovation has been lagging for months if not years.

Maybe you’ve tried other things in the past to drive more business growth:

  • Signing up for the latest online leadership course or workshop
  • Hiring someone to help—but only getting band-aid fixes instead of comprehensive solutions
  • Buying more business books and devouring them over the weekends
  • Muscling through and trying to do it all yourself

But you know you’re ready to do more. You’re ready to drive higher profits, improve team retention, and rapidly gain market share.

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Hear how the Leader’s Edge Performance Engine has helped owners and teams find tremendous growth in revenue, leadership, and time freedom.


You’re ready to improve your processes, systems, and communication, so you can:

  • Reduce your stress as a leader
  • Craft a work-life balance that works for you
  • Create more time and financial freedom
  • Scale your company by working smarter, not harder
  • Create a business that runs like a well-oiled machine (even when you’re not there)

You’re ready to supercharge your business—without getting stuck in the day-to-day operations.

If this is you, you’re in the right place.

But first, you have to integrate the six systems of business—and that’s exactly what the Leader’s Edge Performance Engine helps business owners do every day.

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Business-transforming results from the Leader’s Edge Performance Engine:

From floundering in a tough housing market—to diversified revenue and 50% growth in team size

After the COVID-19 pandemic, the real estate market was in chaos. Many new homeowners were waiving home inspections altogether—leaving single-service home inspection companies in the dust. Sterling Home Services had only ever offered home inspections, so when they came to Leader’s Edge, we knew diversifying their income streams was critical for survival. We helped them develop 3 new service areas, plus the teams to lead those revenue streams. The result was a diversified company that could weather any economic storm—plus offer customers a one-stop shop for everything they needed

 “We have increased our team size by 50% during a time when many other companies are cutting back! Through HR’s coaching we have moved away from being just an inspection company and have added three other major divisions that provide new opportunities and revenue streams.  All our eggs aren’t in one basket any longer and we are able to expand our market share to a larger part of the home services industry. Investing in Leader’s Edge, their coaching and consulting has been the best tool I have as a leader to grow my company and create opportunity for others.”

Lindsey, Sterling Home Services

How a full-service car care & cleaning company doubled its revenue and size in 3 years.

Classy Chassis had been stuck at the same level for years—and president Corey Campbell wanted help strategizing the growth he knew the company was capable of. We focused on developing their team, including site leaders for 4 new locations. Thanks to their commitment to leadership development and the rapid expansion of their team, Classy Chassis doubled its revenue, and continues to grow today. 

“A consummate professional coach who brings clarity and greatness to leaders, teams and individuals with a depth of knowledge, values, creativity and listening that I have found unsurpassed in my 30+ years of business.  I have had the pleasure to have gotten to know HR Huntsman and his Leader’s Edge Team over the past 3 years and can truly vouch for his passion and care in collaborating in outside the box ways of helping CEOs, companies of all sizes and individuals alike in making thought provoking decisions, evaluating and building stronger teams while cutting thru the clutter to get to the heart of the ‘why!'”

Corey Campbell, President, Classy Chassis, Inc.

From still taking on a heavy caseload—to growing his law firm into the biggest personal injury firm in Washington State:

When he came to Leader’s Edge, Robert was still working a heavy caseload as an attorney at his personal injury law firm. But then came the question: “Do you want to be an attorney, or do you want to be a leader of a law firm?” Robert shifted to the latter, and we helped him focus his attention on business development and strategy. With our team development strategies, we also helped Robert increase his team size 3x—which also tripled the caseload the firm was able to take on. Revenue grew by 400%, and Sears Injury Law PLLC is now the go-to firm in the state of Washington.

“Working with HR has been a game-changer in more ways than one. HR knows how to see the best in a leader and pull that greatness from them in ways that are difficult to understand from that leader’s own viewpoint. Our practice has skyrocketed in success over the last couple of years. We are now the largest personal injury law office in the state of Washington. HR and Leader’s Edge have helped us immensely on that journey..”

Robert L. Sears, Attorney at Law, Sears Injury Law PLLC

          How the Leader’s Edge Performance Engine helped Dave
    lead a multiple 7-figure increase in net profit—3 years in a row

The Struggle:

Dave’s company, Claims Management Incorporated (CMI), had hit a growth ceiling when he came to us. But Dave couldn’t figure out how to get the organization to the next level. Plus, he was spending too much time in the weeds, executing the day-to-day instead of vision casting or strategic planning. Delegating tasks was hard, though, because CMI was also dealing with low retention, and it was negatively impacting the overall team’s performance. Dave knew he had to do something, and fast.

The Solution:

We started by developing CMI’s “bullpen” — the leadership team that could step in and take some of the executional tasks off Dave’s plate. As part of the Team-Building System within the Performance Engine, we wrote a comprehensive training program for the organizational leaders, as well as a thorough onboarding program for new hires. 

It was the first time there had ever been intentional, scalable leadership development at the company—and the first time there were internal discussions that prioritized the whole leadership team’s voice, instead of relying on a top-down approach. We also developed an accountability system, in which every person at the company had their own success tracker, with specific metrics related to their role.

The Outcome:

Within just six months of implementing the success tracker system, CMI saw skyrocketing performance from their team. And because of the renewed focus on training and culture, turnover dropped from around 30% a year to less than 10%. 

All that work on team and leadership development revamped the bottom line, too. The organization has doubled in size over a 3-year period. It’s also experienced  multiple 7-figure boosts to its profit margin 3 years in a row. CMI is still continuing that momentum today, thanks to its strong team culture, commitment to leadership development, and consistent accountability.

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So what do you need to do to move from your current place of overwhelm, dysfunction, and plateaued growth


to scaling the business of your dreams?

The Leader’s Edge Performance Engine:

Purpose [Foundation System]:

Until you understand (and effectively communicate to your team) the connection between your work and your why you will fail to get your team fully engaged in their work. In this first step of the Performance Engine, we’ll start with establishing your company’s purpose, including your vision, mission, and values. Getting clarity on these core components will build morale, trust, and collaboration organization-wide, and ensure buy-in from the whole team.

People [Team-Building System]:

You can’t move forward with that mission or vision if your organization is struggling with poor culture or lagging performance. In this step, you’ll develop a blueprint for finding (and keeping) the best talent in your industry, learn how to establish effective communication, and empower the people around you to drive the organization forward.

Plan [Strategy System]:

Splitting your focus among different priorities is costing you money and market share. IN this phase of the Performance Engine, we will help you establish your target market, deeply understand/articulate their pain points, and create an effective strategy for meeting those needs. Getting that scalable strategy into place will clarify your team’s priorities, help you stop wasting time, energy and dollars, and empower your team to spend their energy on the things that will actually move the company forward.

Performance [Accountability System]:

If you’re part of the 85% of organizations who don’t have key performance indicators in place, this step of the Performance Engine will be critical. Here, we help you define success for the whole team and identify the numbers that can monitor whether people are reaching it. Because remember, what is inspected is improved. Once your team understands what success actually means, and how it’s measured, they can take responsibility for their work, driving performance organization-wide. 

Processes [Efficiency System]:

No matter how much work you do around building great products and services, establishing strong team culture, and strategizing growth, if you don’t have the right systems and processes in place, you’re still going to waste time and energy. Ineffective or inefficient systems not only cause frustration and low productivity, but they also limit your growth. In this Performance Engine phase, we optimize segments of your business, help you build seamless processes and systems, write clear training documents, and establish the kind of organization-wide consistency that’s necessary for scaling.

Profit [Financial System]:

With a clear understanding around your pricing, revenue forecasting, and ROI, you can set yourself up for higher profit margins. And that’s exactly what this step of the Performance Engine helps you with. We empower you to get a grasp on the most important financial numbers, use that data to make sound business decisions, and build the kind of time and financial freedom you’ve always wanted.

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Meet HR Huntsman, Founder and President of Leader’s Edge

All around the world, I’ve been privileged to witness firsthand the power of great leadership. 

I started a nonprofit from scratch at just 28—and over the course of the next 22 years, my team and I grew it into a profound, life-changing organization. We drilled wells in Kenya, built orphanages in Uganda and India, repaired communities after hurricanes Katrina and Ike, and so much more. After more than two decades of intentional team development and strategic growth, we grew to 200+ staff members working in five countries around the world.

From that two-decade span, I learned valuable lessons about team-building, communication, vision, clarity, and accountability. Now, at Leader’s Edge, we’ve taken those core lessons and applied them to the world of small businesses—the engine and backbone of our nation. 

My biggest passion is helping leaders become the best versions of themselves, so they can create time and financial freedom, reduce stress, and scale companies that attract and retain great talent, gain market share, and enjoy higher profit margins. The Leader’s Edge Performance Engine system has helped organizational leaders nationwide experience 6- and 7-figure boosts in their business. 

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David was so fed up, he was on the verge of selling his company.

   How the Leader’s Edge Performance Engine helped him add
      multiple 7 figures to the bottom line—and decide to stay:

The Struggle:

David was on his way out. He was the founder and owner of Ranger Heating & Cooling—but was so overwhelmed and frustrated that he was already looking to sell the company. He was putting in 60-70 hours a week—but the company hadn’t seen a healthy profit in years. And forget about business development or strategic planning. David was so in the business, that he was still installing HVAC units himself! He couldn’t remember the last time he’d taken a real vacation, and he wasn’t spending nearly as much time with his family as he wanted.

The Solution:

What David needed was a true, scalable business strategy—and a team around him that could shoulder some of the burden of executing it. Through the Performance Engine Strategy System, we crafted the plan to scale his company. We helped him increase his team size, including leaders for each of the four key departments at Ranger (before, David was leading all of them himself). Using our Financial System, we took a deep dive into the numbers, and found ways to lean out his overhead costs. 

The Outcome:

Through our work building a team-centric culture, Ranger is now a “destination workplace” in the area. Thanks to the team size increasing around 75%, David finally had the support he needed to get out of the weeds (and out of HVAC installation). Within two years, his working hours have been cut nearly in half—and he’s making an even bigger impact, because he’s finally focused on the business development and strategy he should have been doing all along. Ranger’s net profits saw massive increases (multiple 7 figures each of the last two years). And while Ranger is humming along like a well-oiled machine, David can rest easy knowing he doesn’t have to be there to do all the work himself.

With the core Performance Engine systems, you’ll be able to:

Attract and retain your top-notch team:

Money is no longer the only game in town when it comes to recruitment. Employees want purpose behind their work. And with your mission, vision, and values established (and communicated), they’ll find that purpose at your organization. Thanks to your improved processes, strong team culture, and alignment around a common vision, they’ll want to stick around, too.

Establish consistency across your organization:

Know that even if you take a vacation, your business can seamlessly run, even without you in the room. That’s all thanks to consistent processes and systems, targeted marketing messaging, and comprehensive team onboarding. Now, everyone in your organization can align with efficient procedures, effective messaging, and an inspiring vision.

Reduce stress:

With the right people, systems, and processes in place, you can finally stop spending your days putting out fires and dealing with office drama. Instead, you can get back to what you do best: big-picture strategy and executive decision-making. Your work-life balance will skyrocket, now that you’re spending your energy on what matters—not just dealing with the crisis of the day.

Drive higher profits:

When the right people are in the right seats, and you’ve done the work to establish consistent processes, design your long-term vision, and enact a strategy to get there… you’ll enjoy the rewards. All that work up front will pay off through higher revenues and bigger profit margins.

Scale your company:

Your business will no longer solely rely on you and your hard work. You’ve built the essential pieces and high-performing people around you that can carry your organization towards your vision—without needing you to always be the one to do the work. Know that scaled growth is now possible, and you’ve eliminated the limits that were in place before.

Build time and financial freedom:

Instead of feeling scattered and running from one crisis to the next, you can finally escape from the center of day-to-day operations. Not only will this switch save you hours of time, wasted energy, and frustration, but it will also help you focus on what’s truly going to create the most impact in your business. You can stop treading water—and start driving more profits.

You’re tired of spending your days babysitting and putting out fires.

It’s time to finally break past the dysfunction, burnout, and stalled growth that are natural products of the way you’ve been doing things. 

If you’re ready to end the stagnation and finally unlock your full potential… 

If you’re ready to ignite your high performance, build better work-life balance, and earn more profit…

Discover how the Leader’s Edge Performance Engine can help you stop spinning your wheels…

And build a company that runs like a well-oiled machine.

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